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A new vision for Columbus to connect us to nature and one another like never before.

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August 27, 2022

Clean Up Alum Creek!

We strive to work with communities and residents to ensure our waterways remain clean, healthy, and thriving for all to enjoy, and we need your help!

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River Cleanup Alum Creek
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RAPID 5 Establishes Land Trust and Receives Major Gift from Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS)

RAPID 5 is also excited to announce a generous gift from Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS), a local manufacturer of stormwater and onsite septic wastewater solutions.
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Executive Director

Are you a dynamic leader ready to drive change? RAPID 5 seeks an Executive Director to take their mission to the next level. Reporting to their board, you’ll shape their strategy, lead a dedicated team, and create impactful partnerships to make a difference in Central Ohio’s open spaces.
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RAPID 5 energized to pursue mission with first board of directors

Powered by its founding board of committed community leaders, RAPID 5 is ready to transform our region, by putting nature at the center of our lives and growth.
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Our greenways and waterways are the future of connection between recreation, energy, and Central Ohio’s communities. The RAPID Project aims to create a vision for one regional park network.


RAPID 5 is a shared vision to integrate the space along Franklin County’s five waterways, connecting all residents to the natural and economic resources for recreation, commuting, commerce, education, and relaxation.


ULI Columbus and MORPC have embarked on a project to develop a vision for an integrated open space network in central Ohio that envisions how to best use our natural assets to benefit our economy, manage growth, provide access for recreation, education, health, and preserve natural resources and environmental health.


In late 2021, five design and planning firms began designing a new vision for Columbus to connect us to nature and each other like never before.

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