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Olentangy River

By creating a unified vision for the Olentangy River corridor and adjacent neighborhoods, we can strive for a more equitable and livable future where all Central Ohioans have safe, easy access to places that uplift them and improve their well-being. 

The vision for the Olentangy River corridor establishes ONE CENTRAL
GREENWAY rooted in 5 key pillars: (1) Equity & Inclusion, (2) Activation & Recreation, (3) Connectivity & Mobility, (4) Lifelong Learning, and (5) Ecology.
The vision comes to life through 15 neighborhood pulse points located in areas that maximize community impact and create needed neighborhood amenities along the corridor.The outcomes of the vision would be transformational for Central Ohio by providing more residents access to parks and green space, creating a more resilient ecology, and crafting space for well-being and culture.

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